Shallow Swim

Shallow SWIM

The SWIM solutions have been created as the simplest boat bridge where one end of the structure is supported by the shore, with the other end of the bridge floating on two floats. This is the simplest and most optimal solution, since the floating section is maximised, a sufficient distance from the shore is guaranteed, and installation is super-easy.


Bridge platform dimensions: the end platform 2.4 x 1,2 m, gangway 0,8 x 3,2 m, total length 4,4 m

The platform is installed perpendicular to the shore

Float: 250 l plastic float, number of floats and type by the product code

Frame: 45 × 145 HC4 impregnated pine

Decking: 28 × 120 HC4 impregnated fluted pine

Metal parts: hot-dip galvanized

Securing devices meet the C4 environment category

Load-bearing capacity 2×250 l 400 kg

Freeboard height 0.4 m


Available for purchase with the bridge platform are: abutment, gangway, mooring or other accessories


Item code SHA1240820

Floats 2×250 l

Price 710 EUR

Transport and installation options:

  1. Pick-up
  2. Delivery for the client
  3. Installation by Paadisildade OÜ
  4. Maintenance contract