Shallow 2450

Shallow floating module 2450


One of the biggest modules in the classic Shallow family.


Bridge platform dimensions: width 2.4 m, length 5 m (12 m2)

Option of installing a bridge platform: either in the shape of a T or I with respect to the gangway.

The bridge platform may be complemented with platforms of various lengths.

Float: 250 l plastic float, number of floats and type by the product code

Frame: 45 × 195 HC4 impregnated pine

Decking: 28 × 120 HC4 impregnated fluted pine

Metal parts: hot-dip galvanized

Securing devices meet the C4 environment category

Load-bearing capacity 6×250 l 1100 kg

Freeboard height 0.3 m


Available for purchase with the bridge platform are: abutment, gangway, mooring or other accessories


Item code SHA2245060

Floats 6×250 L

Price 1 694 EUR


Item code SHA2245061

Floats 6×250 l Stryrofoam

Price 1 953 EUR

Transport and installation options:

  1. Pick-up
  2. Delivery for the client
  3. Installation by Paadisildade OÜ
  4. Maintenance contract