Structures on screw piles


When you start planning a new structure, please consider and investigate the option of constructing it on screw piles. Compared to traditional foundations, screw piles have a number of advantages: the installation location is not spoiled (low pressure on the environment); fast installation taking a short time; no need for de-watering, excavation or compaction; energy and cost savings; possibility of constructing on frozen soil; possibility of constructing in locations with difficult access; reusable; may be installed both manually and using machinery; environmentally friendly installation; and a particularly big advantage if the level of surface water is high.


The following structures may be constructed on screw piles: boat moorings, boat berths, berths, halls, building annexes, summer cottages, garages, greenhouses, substations, pents, balconies, steps, platforms, pavilions, billboards, noise barriers, sports facilities, playground facilities, guards, railings.


Depth of the installation of screw piles


The depth of the installation of screw piles depends on the location and soil. The length of the screw pile should be chosen so as for the blade of the screw pile to reach below the frost line. The next important factor is the load-bearing capacity of the screw pile, meaning that the pile has to be twisted in so deep that it begins to support the appropriate structure. The screw piles provided by us are 1.5 m long and may be extended using 1.5 m extensions. The pile and the extensions are joined by means of a bolt. The piles are hot-dip galvanized.