The purpose of the gangway is to help its user to get from the shore to the boat bridge. The longer the so-called grey area (rushes, mud or plants) is between water and land, the longer the gangway should be. Furthermore, a gangway is a good solution if the water by the shore is shallow, yet there is a wish to reach above deeper water farther off by means of a boat bridge. The traditional option is to begin a bridge with a solution on screw piles and continue farther with a gangway on hinged joints.


Gangway module dimensions: width 1.2 m, length 2 (2.4 m2) / 3 (3.6 m2) / 4 (4.8 m2) / 5 (6 m2) / 6 m (7.2 m2)

Gangways may be joined using hinges.

Frame: 45 × 145 mm / 45 × 195 mm / 70 × 195 mm HC4 impregnated pine

Decking: 28 × 120 mm HC4 impregnated fluted pine

Metal parts: hot-dip galvanized

Securing devices meet the C4 environment category


Available for purchase with the gangway are: hinges, railing


Gangway 1260


Item code GRO2126000 Frame 45 x 195 mm

Item code GRO3126000 Frame 70 x 195 mm


Gangway 1250

Item code GRO1125000 Frame 45 x 145 mm

Item code GRO2125000 Frame 45 x 195 mm

Item code GRO3125000 Frame 70 x 195 mm


Gangway 1240

Item code GRO1124000 Frame 45 x 145 mm

Item code GRO2124000 Frame 45 x 195 mm

Item code GRO3124000 Frame 70 x 195 mm


Gangway 1230

Item code GRO1123000 Frame 45 x 145 mm

Price 217 EUR


Item code GRO2123000 Frame 45 x 195 mm

Price 217 EUR