Villa concrete float

Villa concrete float


Concrete floats are made of special concrete that is suitable for sea water and that is provided with lots of additional properties (appropriate environment category) because of the challenging environment. The load-bearing section of concrete floats is made up of a custom-shaped EPS outline. The concrete float is reinforced.


The advantage of using concrete floats is their great weight, which provides stability when there are waves and enables landing also by vessels weighing more. Solutions on concrete floats are not mobile, that is, generally they are constructed to be stationary and complete.


Based on their load-bearing capacity, concrete floats may be divided into two groups. Small concrete floats are suitable for use mostly at private shores or in case of private solutions; furthermore, they are needed in locations where there are constraints on lifting solutions into a body of water. Bigger concrete floats are suited specifically for bigger yacht basins, creating a bigger and stable bridge outline.


Villa S technical specifications



Dimensions: lenght 1500 mm, with 2380 mm, height 710 mm.

Capacity: 2534 l

Inside: Styrofoam

Number of fastenings: 4 pieces

Load capacity: 13 kN

Own weight: 1239 kg



Villa L technical specifications



Dimensions: lenght 3120 mm, with 2380 mm, height 710 mm.

Capacity: 5272 l

Inside: Styrofoam

Number of fastenings: 4 pieces

Load capacity: 32,1 kN

Own weight: 2056 kg

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Villa S concrete float

Item code VIL0253411


Price 1 349 EUR

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Villa L concrete float

Item code VIL0527211


Price 2081 EUR

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