Strong tube float

Strong tube float


Tube floats are made to order based on the client’s requests and needs. Pontoons are usable for floating boat bridges, terraces, saunas, gangways, rafts, hot water tubs or garden cottages. For travel on a body of water, we can produce, if necessary, one or both pontoon components at an angle of 45 degrees.


Compared to other similar products, the distinguishing feature of the Strong tube float is that both the tube wall and tube ends have double walls. Thus, even if it happens that for some reason a float sustains external damage (e.g. scratches or cuts), the float will not sink.


Our core range includes pontoons measuring 400 / 535 / 645 mm, up to 13.5 m long. To join a pontoon to a floating installation, metal attachments are used to provide the pontoon attachment with exceptional length and a long life time.


On request, we are able to also provide pontoons smaller in diameter (200 mm, 250 mm or 315 mm); however, these are not part of the Strong product range.

Transport and installation options:

  1. Pick-up
  2. Delivery for the client
  3. Installation by Paadisildade OÜ
  4. Maintenance contract