Shallow plastic float

Shallow plastic float


Plastic floats are made using the rotational casting method, the plastic used is UV- and weather-proof. We have moulds for making both hollow and Styrofoam-filled floats. The design of plastic floats is slightly conical, which enables them to withstand also the body of water freezing over. In case of our own products, the number of floats under bridges is regulated, and we guarantee suitable carrying capacity; however, on request floats may be also purchased on a stand-alone basis to go under one’s own floating solution.


In terms of their height, we have in turn divided plastic floats into two groups. In case of lower floating solutions suitable for small rowing boats and swimming solutions, we use 250 l floats. In case of solutions with a higher freeboard, it is necessary to use a higher float in order to prevent boats from ‘coming onto the bridge’. Higher 450 l floats are in general use in boat harbours.


Shallow float 250 l technical specifications


Dimensions: lenght 1200 mm, with 800 mm, height 300 mm.

Capacity: 250 l

Inside: empty or Styrofoam

Number of fastenings: 14 pieces

Load capacity: 250 kg

Own weight: 250 l (15 kg), 250 l Styrofoam (21 kg)

On transportation pallet: 16 pieces

Dimensions of transportation pallet: 1200 x 1600 x 2600 mm

ujuk 250 L

Shallow plastic float 250 l singel float


Item code PAR1010001

ujuk 250 L

Shallow palstic float 250 l Styrofoam singel float


Item code PAR1010002